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Homemade Churros

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  • ⅔ cup Áll-Purpose Flour (110g)
  • ¼ stick Unsálted Butter (28g)
  • 1 cup Wáter (250ml)
  • pinch of Sált
  • 2 tsp Sugár
  • 1 Egg
  • Oil , for frying

  1. Pláce wáter, butter, sugár & á pinch of sált into á medium size sáuce pán. Bring to the boil.
  2. Ádd the flour ánd mix vigorously until well blended (the dough will come together in á minute or two).
  3. Remove from the stove ánd let it cool á bit. Once it is not too hot, ádd the egg ánd work the egg into the dough. Try to do it ás fást ás possible. Át the beginning it might look like the churro dough doesn’t wánná bind but táke your time it will.
  4. Pour the oil into á lárge frying pán ánd heát it up.
  5. Fill á piping bág fitted with stár piping tip with hálf of the dough (it is eásier to hándle).
  6. Check if the oil is reády for frying by dropping á tiny piece of the dough in. Once the dough turns nice brown, you áre reády to pipe the churros in.
  7. Pipe the dough directly into the hot oil (choose ány length you like) ánd cut with á fork (I found fork the best tool for this). Do not pipe too mány churros in ás they need spáce for frying. It will táke only ábout 2 minutes for them to get nice golden color ánd thát is á sign they áre reády. They should get the color gráduálly. If you see they áre not getting dárk evenly, reduce the temperáture.
  8. Táke them out ánd pláce them on á páper kitchen towel to get rid of the excess oil.
  9. When they áre still wárm, roll eách of them in á sugár mixed with ground cinnámon.
  10. Serve wárm with thick hot chocoláte or chocoláte pudding.

  • Work the egg fást into the dough it to prevent the egg from cooking. This máy be á bit tricky, ás the dough is quite hárd át this point. If you find it hárd to mix with á wooden spoon, use án electric mixer.
  • You cán either pipe the churros directly into oil or pipe them onto á sheet of báking párchment first ánd then pláce these into hot oil.

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